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My Guide to L.A. Sushi

July 18, 2011

Because L.A. has an innumerable amount of amazing sushi places, coming up with a definitive “best” list is nearly impossible, so instead here are a few of my favorite sushi spots:

Favorite Ambiance: Katana
Perched high on Sunset Boulevard, Katana offers an intimate oasis for sushi-lovers. The restaurant also boasts a full menu of robata, or skewers, that are definitely worth a taste. Fun fact: Apparently Brad Pitt rented out a room here for Jennifer Aniston’s birthday back in the day.

Favorite Cocktails: Geisha House
The Hollywood staple is known as much as a place to pre-party as a place to eat, and with cocktails as good as theirs it’s with good reason. Personal favorites: Geisha Kosmo & Geisha Whisper

Favorite Budget Sushi: Fat Fish
Fat Fish is a unique sushi joint, as the dishes are served conveyor belt style so you can see exactly what you’re getting before you choose it. Not only are the sushi, salads and other small plates fresh and delicious, but after 7pm they’re only $2 per plate!

Favorite Hot Spot: Katsuya
Katsuya’s Hollywood location always has paparazzi camped outside of it, though I have yet to run into a celebrity while dining there. Celebrity-filled or not, the food and decor are both top-of-the line and are worth paying a bit extra for. If you’re looking for the experience without the Hollywood pretense, check out their Brentwood or LA Live locations.

Favorite Hidden Treasure: Sushi Eyaki
Although Sushi Eyaki is located in a strip mall, the sushi here is truly some of the best I have ever had in L.A. The specialty rolls are generous both in flavor and portion size, and as an added bonus, there’s a (free) parking lot!
Close second: Sushi Dan – Although this isn’t quite as hidden, it’s also located in a strip mall. Though some might that find off-putting,  I assure you it’s worth a visit.

Favorite Chain: Wokcano
Not only is the sushi (and other food, personal favorite: Singapore Style Noodle) here great, but it’s open late to fill your sushi craving at any hour, and because it’s a chain there’s probably one in delivering distance to you!

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