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DIY Manicure

October 18, 2011

While I love to indulge in a monthly basic mani/pedi, in between it’s fun to experiment with more adventurous nail looks. I lack the skill and patience to do anything too advanced, so here are two manicures that anyone can easily do at home:

Using this as my inspiration, I went for a more easy to accomplish look. I painted all my nails a peachy color, then added a top coat and drizzled loose glitter on my ring fingers only.

For an even fancier finish, try Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips.

While the process of applying is a little time consuming (it took me about 45 minutes), the end result is well worth it, and lasts for about a week. I have never got more compliments on my nails!

*Tip: Cut strips in half to get two uses out of them.

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